Amsterdam City Archives 2024 Journey Through Time

The Amsterdam City Archives 2024 Journey Through Time offers an immersive historical experience, allowing you to delve deep into Dutch history. Located in the impressive De Bazel building, this archive showcases rotating exhibitions featuring rare historical documents and fascinating archival photography. New digital installations make exploring historical maps and records interactive. Whether you’re interested in Amsterdam’s Golden Age or World War II history, themed tours offer captivating insights. The archives are open from Tuesday to Friday, with extended hours on Thursdays. To get there, take a 15-minute walk from White Tulip Hostel along Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal or hop on tram 2 or 12 to Koningsplein.

Explore Amsterdam’s Rich Past: The Ultimate Guide

Discover Themed Tours Tailored to Your Interests

The Amsterdam City Archives now offers uniquely themed tours focused on different eras and topics within Amsterdam’s vast history. You can venture into the prosperous period of the Golden Age or uncover the city’s tumultuous World War II history. These tours provide a detailed narrative, making history come alive. For example, one tour guides you through the economic boom and artistic flourish of the Golden Age, while another walks you through the scars and heroism during WWII.

Visiting Hours and Convenient Locations

You can plan your visit from Tuesday to Friday, with extended hours on Thursdays, allowing for a more flexible schedule. The archive is easily accessible, just a 15-minute walk south along Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal from the White Tulip Hostel or a short tram ride via lines 2 or 12 to Koningsplein. After a day of exploring historical treasures, you can return to a cozy bed at one of the hostel’s mixed dormitory rooms, such as the 8-bed mixed dormitory or the quadruple room.

Interactive Exhibitions and Digital Installations

This year, the archives are hosting rotating exhibitions featuring rare historical documents and archival photography. The new digital installations allow visitors to interactively explore historical maps and records, bringing history right to your fingertips. Imagine zooming in on an 18th-century map of Amsterdam and discovering intricate details or perusing through documents from the city’s mercantile past.

Perfect for Genealogy Research

If you’re into genealogy, the Amsterdam City Archives is a treasure trove of information. The archives offer extensive records and documents that can assist you in tracing your Amsterdam heritage. Whether you’re researching your ancestors or simply curious about the past, the resources available here are unparalleled.

Save Money by Booking Directly

Planning a visit might feel like diving into your wallet, but good news—by booking your visit directly at the Amsterdam City Archives website, you receive an exclusive discount. This budget-friendly option ensures you have more money to enjoy other attractions in Amsterdam. This promotional offer applies to all bookings, making it easier to indulge in your city’s journey through time. So, why not save some euros?

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