Reservations by connection websites
    • 1. When you make a reservation through a different website than ours, your card is presumably charged 10% deposit online (not on all sites). This 10% deposit is non-refundable because this is commission to the website agency.


    • 2. On the day of arrival we will check your credit card number. If the number is not valid for any reason, your reservation will be cancelled.




Reservations in General
    • 1. Reservations can only be confirmed with a visa/ master card or by a bank deposit.


    • 2. All nights of accommodation must be paid for on arrival at check-in!


    • 3. When checking in you might be asked to pay a deposit for the room key. This is a refundable deposit.




    • 1. We have got a 72-Hour cancellation policy. This means that if you would like to cancel or change your


    • booking, you have to cancel 3 days before the given arrival time to avoid any charges.


    • 2. In case you don’t show up on your booking, your credit card is charged for the 1st night of your stay, the rest of the booking will be cancelled.


    3. Always send your name, reference number and reservation details with your cancellation request. This way