Jordaan Food Tour Amsterdam 2024 Taste Dutch Delicacies

On the Jordaan Food Tour in Amsterdam 2024, you’ll dive deep into Dutch cuisine with a series of delectable tastings. This tour typically includes visits to local markets, traditional brown cafes, and artisanal food shops. You’ll sample classics like stroopwafel and herring, and explore modern Dutch fusion dishes. Stops at sustainable food initiatives and plant-based cuisine spots have been added this year. You not only taste the food but also hear the stories behind it, blending culinary delights with the rich history of the Jordaan neighborhood. Easily accessible, the tour takes you around vibrant parts of Amsterdam, with starting points often near the Anne Frank House or Noordermarkt.

Explore the Vibrant Jordaan Neighborhood Through Its Food

Local Markets: The Heart of Dutch Cuisine

Kick off your food journey at the local markets, where the aroma of fresh produce and Dutch cheeses fills the air. Noordermarkt is a must-visit, offering everything from organic vegetables to artisanal crafts. It’s the perfect spot to sample traditional Dutch snacks. If you’re staying at the White Tulip Hostel, it’s just a scenic 20-minute walk away, or you can take tram 13 or 17 to Westermarkt.

Indulge in Classic Dutch Delicacies

Stroopwafel: The Sweet Staple

No food tour in Amsterdam is complete without trying a freshly made stroopwafel. Thin, crispy waffles filled with gooey caramel can be found at various stops along the tour. You’ll be mesmerized by watching these treats being made right before your eyes.

Herring: A Briny Bite

If you’re adventurous, give herring a try. This Dutch delicacy, often eaten raw with onions and pickles, offers a unique taste of the sea. It’s a staple in Dutch cuisine that you shouldn’t miss.

Experience the Culture in Brown Cafes and Food Shops

The tour includes stops at traditional brown cafes, where you can sit back with a local beer or Dutch coffee. These cafes are more than just places to eat and drink; they’re community centers and cultural landmarks. You’ll also visit artisanal food shops, where you can pick up specialty cheese, charcuterie, and other Dutch goodies to take home. For budget-friendly accommodation nearby, check out the White Tulip Hostel.

Learn the Culinary History and Modern Innovations

Sustainable Food Initiatives

This year, the Jordaan food tours have added visits to sustainable food initiatives. Discover how modern Dutch chefs are embracing sustainability, using locally sourced and organic ingredients to create delicious dishes with a conscience. Plant-based Dutch cuisine spots are also featured, offering a fresh take on traditional recipes.

Rich History and Modern Fusion

As you savor the flavors, you’ll also learn about the rich history of the Jordaan neighborhood. The guides often weave tales of this historic district into the experience, making it a feast for your senses and your mind. The blend of old and new in every dish reflects Amsterdam’s evolving food scene.

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Want to read this post offline? Then click on our PDF brochure