Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 2024 Highlights and New Exhibitions

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam’s 2024 program promises to be an exciting blend of classical and contemporary art. Highlights include an extensive Frans Hals exhibition from February 16 to June 9, showcasing around 50 masterpieces from this Dutch Golden Age artist. Visitors can also explore the serene gardens featuring the works of Lee Ufan or delve into Asian Bronze craftsmanship. Art lovers cannot miss the permanent collections from Rembrandt, especially the iconic “Night Watch,” and Vermeer’s “Milkmaid.” The museum is open daily from 9:00-17:00, making it easy to plan a visit. Tickets can be booked online for a more budget-friendly experience.

Unveiling the Rich Tapestry of Dutch Art

The Immersive Frans Hals Exhibition

Opening from February 16 to June 9, the Rijksmuseum will host an extensive collection of about 50 of Frans Hals’ best works. As a master of the Dutch Golden Age, his portraits and lively scenes encapsulate the period’s essence. Expect to be awestruck by his unique brushwork that breathes life into each canvas.

Exhibition Highlights

The exhibition will be located in the grand exhibition hall. Highlights include Hals’ famous “Laughing Cavalier” and “Malle Babbe.” Each painting offers a glimpse into 17th-century Dutch society, making this exhibition a must-see for anyone interested in European art history.

Contemporary Arts and Serene Gardens

If modern art is more your style, the gardens at the Rijksmuseum will feature the works of Lee Ufan. His minimalist sculptures, set against the backdrop of lush greenery, create a peaceful environment perfect for contemplation.

Asian Bronze Craftsmanship

Delve into centuries-old techniques with the Asian Bronze craftsmanship exhibition. Showcasing intricate designs and expert metallurgy, this exhibition is a testament to the rich artistic traditions of Asia. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to explore something new and broaden your horizons.

A Journey Through European Art History

Permanent Collections: Rembrandt and Vermeer

A visit to the Rijksmuseum wouldn’t be complete without witnessing the masterpieces of Rembrandt and Vermeer. Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” is as monumental as it gets, making you feel as if you’re stepping back into 1642. Vermeer’s “Milkmaid” offers a quieter, more intimate look at everyday life with its meticulous detail and luminous colors.

Things to Do

Besides gallery hopping, take time to participate in interactive workshops or join a guided tour that delves deep into the museum’s vast collections. You’ll gain a better understanding of Amsterdam culture and European art history.

Plan Your Visit

The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00, giving you ample time to explore its vast collections. For those staying at the White Tulip Hostel, the Rijksmuseum is just a 15-minute tram ride via trams 2 or 12, or a leisurely 30-minute walk through the heart of Amsterdam.

Booking directly for special deals

Booking your tickets online not only guarantees your entry but also offers some economical advantages. Plus, if you book directly through the official website, you’ll often find special discounts, promos, and vouchers that make your visit more budget-friendly.

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The Rijksmuseum’s 2024 lineup is nothing short of spectacular. With traditional and contemporary exhibitions, there’s something for everyone. Secure your tickets online for a more affordable experience and immerse yourself in centuries of artistic genius.

If you want to make your stay even more enjoyable, remember that booking directly through the White Tulip Hostel’s website often grants you exclusive rebates. So go ahead and make your reservations now!

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