What is the address of The White Tulip Hostel Amsterdam?

The White Tulip Hostel Amsterdam is conveniently located at Warmoesstraat 87, 1012 HZ Amsterdam, Netherlands. This prime location places you right in the heart of the Wallen area, also known as the Red-Light District, one of the city’s most vibrant and bustling neighborhoods.

You’re just a short stroll away from the iconic Dam Square, Amsterdam Centraal Station, and a plethora of attractions, bustling coffeehouses, and top-notch dining spots.

Whether you fancy exploring the Anne Frank House, taking in the art at the Van Gogh Museum, or soaking in the nightlife at local pubs and bars, everything is within easy reach. The hostel itself features a friendly atmosphere, comfortable beds, spacious dormitories, and essential amenities like free Wi-Fi and 24-hour check-in, making it a superb choice for both solo travelers and larger groups.

Discover the Ideal Location for Your Amsterdam Adventure

An Address That Puts You in the Middle of Everything

Situated at Warmoesstraat 87, 1012 HZ Amsterdam, The White Tulip Hostel is perfectly positioned to immerse you right in the lively atmosphere of Amsterdam’s city center. This prime spot is in the famed Wallen area, more commonly known as the Red Light. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a unique blend of historic charm and modern energy.

Close to Dam Square and Amsterdam Central Station, the hostel offers accommodation for larger groups. It serves as a perfect home base for your explorations. Please note that we accept payment by credit card, and for any inquiries, you may reach out via email.

Nearby Attractions

  • Dam Square – A central hub of Amsterdam, known for its historical buildings and bustling atmosphere.
  • Anne Frank House – A poignant museum dedicated to the Jewish wartime diarist.
  • Van Gogh Museum – Home to the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s artworks.
  • Red-Light District – Famous for its nightlife and history, it’s an essential part of the Amsterdam experience. The heart of Amsterdam is vibrant with attractions near the White Tulip Hostel.

Comfortable Accommodation Designed for All Travelers

Rooms and Amenities

The White Tulip Hostel offers a variety of dormitory rooms and private accommodations to suit all kinds of travelers, including larger groups and solo adventurers. Rooms come with secure lockers (don’t forget to bring your own padlock!) and free Wi-Fi. Each bed is designed for comfort, ensuring you get a good night’s rest before heading out to explore the city. The hostel also offers 24-hour check-in and free lockers, making it convenient for all guests. Additionally, you’ll find amenities like a restaurant and shower facilities to enhance your stay.

Modern Sanitation and Safety Measures

In light of COVID-19, the hostel has implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitation measures. Each bathroom is meticulously cleaned, and common areas are regularly disinfected to ensure your safety.

Additionally, the White Tulip Hostel offers 24-hour check-in to accommodate all arrival times. The hostel is situated within walking distance of the Red Light District, making it convenient for travelers looking to explore this vibrant part of Amsterdam. The hostel is located on Spuistraat, which is well-known for its lively atmosphere and multiple dining options.

For your convenience, the hostel provides a public telephone for guests. Furthermore, please be aware that a city tax is applied to your stay. White Tulip Hostel aims to support tourism by offering maps and guides to enhance your Amsterdam experience.

Delectable Dining Options

Arrive at our restaurant by tram for a convenient and scenic route. Enjoy our fine dining without worrying about value-added tax, as our prices include all applicable taxes. Indulge in refreshing water from our selection of premium beverages. Plan your visit now, and take advantage of our competitive 2024 prices!

On-site Dining at Slaínte Irish Pub

Adjacent to the hostel, Slaínte Irish Pub serves hearty breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Start your day with a wholesome meal before venturing out. Don’t miss out on their happy hours, a perfect time to grab a pint of Heineken beer and unwind.

The traditional Slaínte Irish Pub serves breakfast and offers a discount on meals for hostel guests. It’s an ideal place to meet fellow travelers and enjoy the vibrant night life of Amsterdam. Additionally, the pub has a terrace where you can relax and soak in the atmosphere or park your bicycle.

Personalized Meal Options

Special meals are available for people with dietary restrictions, ensuring all guests can enjoy their stay. Whether you need gluten-free, vegetarian, or other special dietary options, the friendly staff at Slaínte Irish Pub will accommodate your needs.

The Irish pub has 6 TVs and serves breakfast, making it a great place for larger groups, solo travellers, and families with a child. Guests can enjoy an enjoyable stay with options for people with special needs. Additionally, there’s a coffeehouse nearby for those who prefer a cozy atmosphere. Payment is convenient as they accept credit cards for all transactions.

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Stay

  • Always read the fine print when booking accommodations to avoid hidden fees.
  • Consider destinations within the European Union for affordable travel options.
  • Save on energy costs by opting for accommodations that offer eco-friendly amenities.
  • Use email alerts to stay updated on the latest travel deals and discounts.

Book Direct for Exclusive Discounts

To get the best value for your stay, book directly through The White Tulip Hostel’s website. By doing so, you’ll receive a voucher for discounts on accommodation and meals. Why pay more when you can enjoy a budget-friendly stay with all the perks? Check availability and secure your spot today to take advantage of these exclusive offers. White Tulip Hostel offers accommodation that is budget-friendly and comfortable for all guests, including people with special dietary needs. Review guest reviews to see why it’s popular among travelers. Don’t miss the updated prices for 2024.

In conclusion, The White Tulip Hostel is more than just a place to sleep; it’s a gateway to everything Amsterdam has to offer. With its unbeatable location, comfortable rooms, friendly staff, and excellent dining options, it’s the perfect choice for travelers of all types. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable Amsterdam adventure!

Don’t miss the updated prices for 2024. The hostel is a 5-minute walk away from major attractions and is easily accessible from Rokin underground station. It’s also available for people with special needs.

Want to save on your next trip to Amsterdam? Book directly through the website to get exclusive discounts and see the updated prices for 2024!

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