Are drugs allowed at The White Tulip Hostel Amsterdam?

At The White Tulip Hostel in Amsterdam, we maintain a strict no-drugs policy to ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests. Although Amsterdam is celebrated for its leniency towards substances like cannabis and mushrooms, our primary goal is to provide a secure and welcoming environment. This policy covers all forms of drugs, including cannabis, hashish, cocaine, and mushrooms. We request that guests adhere to this rule and other hostel guidelines to maintain a friendly atmosphere. Our staff is always available to assist with any questions related to local drug laws and safety measures, so don’t hesitate to reach out during your stay.

The White Tulip Hostel: More Than Just a Place to Stay

Why a No-Drugs Policy?

At The White Tulip Hostel, situated in the heart of Amsterdam on Warmoesstraat, our no-drugs policy isn’t just a rule—it’s a commitment to creating a safe, enjoyable environment for every guest. While Amsterdam’s coffeeshops and the Red-light district offer unique experiences, drugs can disrupt the friendliness and security of a communal living space. Respecting our policies ensures a pleasant stay for everyone involved.

What’s There to Do Instead?

Explore Amsterdam’s Cultural Riches

Skipping the drugs doesn’t mean skipping the fun! Staying at The White Tulip Hostel puts you close to top attractions like the stunning Tulip gardens and the bustling streets of New Amsterdam. Amsterdam Centraal station is just a short walk away, making it easy to explore the city by bicycle or train.

Enjoy the Hostel’s Amenities

Our hostel itself offers plenty to keep you entertained. Unwind with fellow travelers in our dormitories, refresh in our shared bathroom facilities complete with showers, and take advantage of our free Wi-Fi. Don’t miss out on the Irish Pub on-site for a pint of Heineken or another beer during happy hour.

Discounts for Booking Direct

Thinking of staying at The White Tulip Hostel? When you book directly through our website, you receive an exclusive budget-friendly discount, making your stay even more affordable. This cheap deal is perfect for backpackers and budget travelers looking to save some euros.

How to Nab That Discount

To get this special offer, simply head over to our booking page and complete your reservation. You’ll receive a voucher for a reduced rate and avoid any extra fees often associated with third-party booking platforms. It’s a win-win; you save money and get the best possible rate for your dormitory bed or private room.

Respecting Policies & Local Laws

Understanding and respecting hostel policies is crucial for a pleasant stay. If you’re curious about local drug laws, our staff is knowledgeable and ready to assist. Whether it’s understanding the city’s smoking ban or finding the best spots that don’t involve cannabis and hashish, ask us anything! To learn more about hostels, pubs, or Amsterdam as a city, you can explore related topics on Wikipedia.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Ultimately, our rules are designed to ensure everyone has a great stay. Respecting the no-drugs policy contributes to a safe, friendly environment where you can relax and enjoy the best of Amsterdam without worry. Ready for an unforgettable trip? Book directly on our website for the best deal!

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